Extracting Insights and Predicting Outcomes in Metabolic Disease

Rory Cameron, CRO & Co-Founder
Mark Edge – Operations Manager

At Gendius we are a health data and insights business focused on metabolic disease. With over 11.6m longitudinal data points from 37 countries and 300,000 patients our Mission is to build the world’s most comprehensive, rich metabolic data set. We are using these data to better understand metabolic disease and enable earlier identification of problems and more timely interventions. We have already developed a unique pre-screening algorithm for Chronic Kidney Disease that enables a better focus of resources on individuals at the highest risk. These algorithms can be deployed in a simple web portal or in existing platforms such as our award-winning diabetes remote management platform called intellin®.

We are currently completing a Series A finance round to accelerate our commercialisation beyond our projects with AstraZeneca in the GCC.