RobotDreams® GmbH is developing an AI-based software for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases using blood tests.

Ulrich Weigelt, Managing Director & CEO at Robot Dreams

ROBOTDREAMS is developing software based on artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases based on blood tests. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the EU, accounting for around two million deaths and costing around 196 billion euros per year. Especially in crowded emergency rooms, expensive and inaccurate diagnoses hinder timely and effective medical care. Many heart diseases are missed and on the other hand, many healthy patients are hospitalized unnecessarily. ROBOTDREAMS offers a very simple and affordable artificial intelligence solution. Software integrated into the laboratory will analyze the blood during a routine examination in a few seconds and diagnose heart disease very accurately. This can save valuable time and help patients receive proper treatment. The product idea is that the AI algorithms evaluate the blood parameters and output the results in the environment of a laboratory information and management system. The whole process from blood collection to diagnosis can be done within a few minutes.