From Pre-Visit to Post-Visit, SanoCRM bolsters healthcare providers with the ability to enagage and truly connect with patients on every level of the patient journey.

Firas Abdulwahed, Founder at SanoCRM

Healthcare organizations are focused on improving patients’ health and optimizing their internal processes. At the same time, they still rely on legacy systems, which hinders innovation. This approach proves inefficient as today’s patients are looking for easy access to healthcare and personalized treatment. A comprehensive CRM system like SanoCRM is tailored to these needs and can solve this problem by offering exactly what both patients and hospitals are looking for. SanoCRM is a customer relationship management system specifically designed for healthcare organizations. Its main goal is to help retain existing patients as well as attract new ones. It aggregates different data such as patient’s demographics, interactions with the organization’s website and call centres, financial and other relevant details to create a comprehensive patient profile. For example, SanoCRM can help identify new care opportunities. Enriched with data analytics, it can point to the patients who could benefit from particular healthcare services. It can also spot “forgotten” patients—the ones who need regular follow-ups and tests but have been skipping their appointments. The benefits are not limited to patient-facing practices. SanoCRM can also contribute to improving the internal processes of healthcare organizations. One example of such an improvement is reducing no show rates, and automated resource management.