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A global gathering of the most exciting tech start-ups, the industry’s most influential investors, and the smartest healthcare providers and practitioners looking to meet the world’s growing healthcare needs as cost-effectively as possible.

This is a two-day networking event to present powerful innovations, connect with investors, and gather profound industry insights.

May 2024

500 one to one meetings

100 Influential

125 Health Tech Innovators

The Big Wheel Programme

Join EMERGE GHI for two days of invaluable networking and presentations in health-tech innovation, investment, trends, opportunities and up-to-date market intelligence.

Keynote Stage

Global investors and change-makers take the stage to discuss what’s next in healthcare.

Thought and knowledge leaders address the changes bringing revolution to healthcare. Talks by top executives from leading investors like Hikma Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, Technical Innovation Institute, and many others.

Corporate unicorns tell their stories; the ups and downs of blazing a way to the US$1 billion+ ticket, opportunities, pitfalls and now vision of things to come.

The Launchpad

The Launchpad will host savvy entrepreneurs who will hit the stage to impress a world-class judging panel of seasoned investors.

Pre-qualified by the event’s Steering Committee will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the event in front of a world-class judging panel of venture capitalists.


Want to make as many business connections as you can at the show?

Move swift and fast in this networking and pitching fest. Our intelligent speed networking and matchmaking feature allow you to meet the most meaningful contacts and get facetime with your future potential investors. Your event ticket gives you access to a speed networking session, so it’s time to get your elevator pitch ready.

It’s a Match!

We’ve got everyone together in high spirits and willing to make connections.

Your event ticket gives you access to our online matchmaking platform, allowing you to schedule meetings ahead of the show.

Get a Stand!

Spotlight your breakthrough with the highest engagement possibility. Our poster-stands allow you to place your promotion and product branding, plus gives you the space to meet and engage target stakeholders/partners.

Step out of the box and future-proof your business.

Mentoring programme

Mentors and business angels available to share the wisdom of experience and offer guidance.

The healthcare industry is one of twists and turns and can be a difficult navigational challenge. Join our program and connect on site with mentors and advisors who can help ease the journey with experienced based advice.

Limited mentorship is available.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai

Everyone who’s making a difference in healthcare will be there. Won’t you?

Trends and technologies on show

  • 3D Bioprinting Technology

  • Augmented Medical Education and Decision-making
  • Big Data and Analytics to Support Disease Prevention
  • Computed Tomography Scan Analysis
  • Data Breach Prevention
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Digital Twin Technology in Healthcare
  • Facial Recognition With Masks
  • Health and wellbeing tech innovations
  • Healthcare AI

  • Integration of Healthcare Systems with Big Data and Data Silos

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

  • Interoperability and Data Sharing Among Healthcare Entities

  • Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)

  • Legacy Healthcare Software Challenge

  • Machine Learning in Biopharma and Medtech
  • Mobile Apps in Medical Practice
  • Nanomedicine
  • Neural Implants

  • Precision Medicine

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Smart Implants

  • Telehealth

  • Telepsychiatry & Digital Therapeutics

  • Robotics to Automate Hospital Workflows
  • VR, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in Healthcare

  • Wearables

  • Wider Deployment of PULSE (Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies)